Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Home is a loft

We're homeowners! So the fiance and I are moved-in (mostly) to our loft downtown. Ours is a historical building where they used to fix machinery back in the day.

What is a loft, you ask?

A working definition of the true urban loft. Essential features:
1. An open floor plan, with only the bathrooms being walled in. If there are partitions, they do not reach the ceiling.
2. In size, they ranged from 400 to 4000 square feet.
3. Designed to feature a warehouse/industrial style with high ceilings, open electrical wiring and plumbing, and finishes that include poured concrete and granite.
4. Typically, urban lofts are conversions of older industrial space, but there are some that are newly built to catch the loft trend.
5. Located in the central city within walking distance of restaurants and shops. The most appealing amenity of an urban loft unit is the urban surrounding. Frequently, urban loft complexes lack garage space, swimming pools and other suburban style common amenities.

True urban lofts are rare because of the circumstances that create them - - - an old central city with an unused stock of industrial and warehouse buildings - - - are rare. But even though the number of urban lofts in the housing stock is small, the impact of the urban loft on design and usage trends have been significant.

We still need to unpack (living out of boxes right now) and clean out the old apartment for the walk-through. Which, I'm told we are to leave the place spotless - urgh.

Kobe had a real hard time with the move, but he started to venture out and is becoming more comfortable. I think he's scared of the big windows or the high ceiling. Our first night in the new place, he hid under the chair all night, wouldn't eat, probably didn't sleep either. We pulled him out and brought him upstairs, but he crawled under our bed - which we can't get under because it's low. Causing me to have to lift the bed as Jerry pulled him out. I guess because I'm stronger - - haha ;p Ivan, the psycho cat that he is, had no problem at all. Poor Kobe - such a nervous boy... Feliway must have helped ease him a bit.

N&J were such proud parents on Monday night when Kobe decided to creep out of his comfort zone to explore the rest of the place. He even went upstairs and slept with us on the bed. It was a big step and we were oh-so-proud of him. It took Kobe 2 days to do what Ivan did within 20 minutes. Oh well, they are as different as brown and gray.

N&J accompished our first home improvement project although the place is new (or newly converted). We took down the master closet and put in a super advanced shelving system. Yup! We are quite proud of ourselves. How many trips back and forth to Home Depot did it take? I'd say about 7. Drill, sand paper, paint and supplies, etc.